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Copper Pipe & Tubes – Mettube Malaysia

mettube malaysia pipe & tube

Mettube Malaysia Pipe & Tube

Kaliraj Impex is leading Supplier, Dealer, Exporter and Manufacturer of Mettube Malaysia Copper Pipes and Tubes

Kaliraj Impex is a well-known supplier, dealer of Mettube Malaysia Copper Pipes and Tubes in India. We are known for supplying high-quality Mettube Malaysia Copper Pipes and Tubes in India. Kaliraj Impex has a large warehousing facility for finished and semi-finished copper pipes and tubes that are ready for shipment at a short notice for our clients.


MetTube today is a fulfillment of a vision of a world-class facility in South East Asia for copper tubes for the air-conditioning and refrigeration techniques. MetTube is committed to helping meet this need by producing high efficiency and quality copper tubes with its advanced technologies and environmental protection concerns.

Our desire is to increase the value of our products to our customers based on continuous technological innovation and on the competence and motivation for our employees.We will be the most customer-focused competitive technologically advanced and quality-minded copper tube mill in the world.

Within a short period since the start of the operations, MetTube has grown strongly and established itself in the global market as reliable and high-quality supplier of repute and exporting 90% of the output to all corners of the globe


Mettube Malaysia Pipe & Tubes Supplier and Manufacturer in Mumbai
Length & Weight
Material Composition

Level Wound Coils
Inner Grooved Tube

Outer Diameter 5.0 – 12.7 mm
Wall thickness 0.24 – 0.55 mm
Plain Tube
Outer Diameter 4.0 – 25.4 mm
Wall thickness 0.28 – 1.22 mm

Straight Lengths
Plain Tube

Outer Diameter 4.76 – 25.4 mm
Wall thickness 0.28 – 1.63 mm

Pancake Coil
Plain Tube

Outer Diameter 4.0 – 25.4 mm
Wall thickness 0.28 – 1.22 mm (SWG 19 to 29)

Level Wound Coils

90, 125, 180kg

Straight Lenghths

5.50m Max (Annealed)
6.00m Max (Hard Drawn)

Pancake Coil

15.24, 30.38m (50′,100′)

Level Wound Coils

Light Annealed (OL)
Soft Annealed (O)

Straight Lenghths

Light Annealed (OL)
Soft Annealed (O)
Hard (H)

Pancake Coil

Light Annealed (OL)
Soft Annealed (O)


Material Composition Mechanical Properties
Standards Material Grade Chemical Composition  Temper Tensile Strength Yield Strength Elongation Grain Rockwell Hardness
N/mm2(min) Kgt/mm2(min) N/mm2(min) Kgt/mm2(min) %(min) Size mm Scale Value
MetTube C 12200 99.96%Cu(min) 0.017 – 0.03% P OL 230-245 23.5-25 50-85 6.0-8.5 45 0.025-0.035 H 15T 40-55
JIS H3330 C12200 99.90%Cu(min) 0.015 – 0.04% P O 205 21 40 0.025-0.06 HR 15T 60(max)
OL 205 21 40 0.015-0.04 HR 15T 65(max)
H 315 32 HR 30T 55(max)
ASTM B – 75 C 1220 99.90%Cu(min) 0.015 – 0.04% P 60 205 21 62 6.3 40 0.040(min) HR 15T
50 205 21 62 6.3 40 0.015-0.04
H80 310 31.5 275 28 HR 30T