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Copper Pipe & Tube – Indigo

Indigo Copper Pipe & Tubes

Indigo Pipe & Tube

Kaliraj Impex is leading Supplier, Dealer, Exporter and Manufacturer of Indigo Copper Pipes and Tubes

Kaliraj Impex is a well-known supplier, dealer of Indigo Copper Pipes and Tubes in India. We are known for supplying high-quality Indigo Copper Pipes and Tubes in India. Kaliraj Impex has a large warehousing facility for finished and semi-finished copper pipes and tubes that are ready for shipment at a short notice for our clients.

Indigo pipes & tubes – seamless copper tubes

Kaliraj Impex offers a wide range of Indigo Copper Pipes and Tubes – Seamless copper tubes. These tubes are supplied in both Hard Drawn Straight Length & Bright annealed Pancake Coils. These tubes are manufactured as per International Quality Standards.
All tubes are electronically tested by Eddy Current method, as per the requirements of ASTM E 243.
Indigo tubes are 100% carbon free. All tubes are cleaned and the sample tested to meet the residual requirements as specified by the codes at 0.038g/m2 (0.35g/ft2).
Coils are normally furnished in ‘O60’ temper and straight lengths in H58 temper.
100% RoHS Compliance.

Technical Description

indigo copper pipe manufacturer in Mumbai - Kaliraj Impex
Standard Lenght

ASTM B68 / ASTM B75 / ASTM B280 / ASTM B88 / JIS H 3300 / EN1057 or BS2871: PART 2:1972 / DIN 1754/8905/ IS2501 / Internal Client Specifications.

1/8” (3.2mm) OD to 13/8” (34.9mm) OD in Coil Form & 2mm OD to 41/8” (104.8mm) OD in Straight Length.

50 Feet/100 Feet in Coil Form & 5.8 Meters in Straight Length. Also as per client requirements.

10SWG (3.2mm) to 27SWG (0.4mm)

“O” (Soft Annealed)/ H58 (Drawn General Purpose) Temper.

ACR, Instrumentation, Railways, General Engineering etc