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Copper Brazing Rod

Copper Brazing Rod


Copper Brazing Rod of construction is known for higher intensity and strength. Further, these are also known for corrosion resistant features and are provided in varied sizes & shapes and melting temperature as per the application demands. Braze welding is the use of a copper filler rod coated with flux to join steel workpieces. The equipment needed for braze welding is basically identical to the equipment used in brazing.

Kaliraj Impex is leading manufacturer, supplier, dealer and exporter of Copper Brazing Rod in India. We provide highest quality copper brazing rods all over India. With ready to ship products at our warehouses. We are always ready to ship your order at short notice. We supply copper brazing rod all over India.

Copper Brazing Rod Supplier and Manufacturer in Mumbai

2 – 5 mm

300 mm – 500 mm

800 Degree C